Expert Wedding Consultant Raquel Shutt discusses what you need to know when planning a wedding at our 2017 summit 

Expert Wedding Consultant Raquel Shutt discusses what you need to know when planning a wedding at our 2017 summit 

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All about the Wedding Savvy Summit!

What is the Wedding Savvy Summit?


The Wedding Savvy Summit is an educational conference for engaged couples who are planning a wedding.  The goal of the Summit is to provide straightforward information in regards to wedding planning from the most reliable, proven, smart & savvy wedding professionals.  Whether you are the first of your friends or family to get married or the last - there is something for everyone to learn at this event.  From basics like budget and etiquette to design inspiration and leveraging social media apps, we cover the topics you'll want to hear.  How do we know?  As a leading national Wedding Coordination Firm we experience your concerns first hand and create this program annually to ensure we're providing you the most useful and up to date information out there.  We also provide you an opportunity to meet and interact with our panelists in our signature conversation room.  The opposite of a large, loud room with tons of tables, this is a space for you to gain a free consultation about your unique wedding needs.  No pressure- no sales-you've paid your ticket price which affords you this opportunity to get the valueable, personal insight.

Who is a part of the Summit?

The Summit team hand selects the wedding professionals to be featured on our panels.  We seek ethical, highly functioning savvy wedding professionals from a variety of wedding professions to be a part of our event.  We try and select different professionals to feature each year to keep our content fresh as well as invite some of the best rated panelists back to join us the following year.  We also hand select the wedding professionals who are a part of our conversation room - a room where you'll get to meet and engage with some of the panelists and other highly reputable wedding professionals.

Why should I go to the Summit?

Wedding Magazines, notebooks, and online sites can be very helpful, but how is that information relevant to YOUR specific needs?  The problem with the wedding industry is that very rarely is there a "one size fits all" answer. The Summit takes the guesswork out of interpreting advice because you'll actually get to interact with the experts giving the advice.   Our experts will be available at our conversation tables  - a space for you to get free, expert advice on your wedding day from the pros.  Learn more on YouTube!