Sarah Lubawaski - Wedding Sales & Event Manager at the Annapolis Waterfront Hotel

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As the Wedding Sales and Event Manager at the Annapolis Waterfront Hotel, Sarah offers a unique perspective from her background in Private Wedding Planning, Catering Sales, Event Design, and experience as a Bride herself. Her passion derives from the constant thrill that comes when all of the final details are perfectly in place, the guests begin to arrive, and there is no doubt that the night will be just magic.
She is committed to the idea that the magic ingredient to achieving this is by truly listening to the client from day one - how any good relationship starts. Having planned weddings of different sizes and styles, she is able to craft a reception that is unique to the couple’s needs, allowing their vision and personality to shine through. A wedding is an emotional, once in a lifetime experience. It can be overwhelming at the start, as the couple might not know if they are on the right track or what they should expect next. How could they know if they never planned a wedding before? This is where Sarah comes in. By guiding and educating the client on the ins and outs of the wedding process, she is able to make the experience enjoyable, as it should be. Her organized planning, and detailed execution takes this stress away so there is nothing left but joy on a couple’s wedding day